The cellar


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Room 1

This large room has a hardwood vented window just above ground level to let in air and light.

The floor is mainly earth though a few areas have been concreted.

A number of utilities are housed in this room.

An elecric pump draws water from the well. This water can be used for the washing machine and for watering the garden and other outside uses.

Beside the washing machine is a large porcelain sink, also using water from the well or mains as required.

The mains electricity meter is here.

In one corner of the room is a 1000 litre oil tank, used to provide oil to the oil fired central heating system.

A gas cylinder provides gas for the gas cooker in the kitchen and the electricity point to power the oven fan and light is here.

Electric florescent lights and power points are present.

Against one wall is the large insulated immersion heater(electric).

Room 2

This large room extends over the whole width of the house, under the sitting room.

At one end is a hardwood vented window just above ground level to let in air and light and at the other end a pair of wooden doors lead to the outside steps which are protected from the weather by an overhanging roof.

The cellar rooms are connected by two separate doors.

The mains water meter and stop cock are here.

This cellar room is largely empty but metal storage shelves are provided.

The room is equiped with electric florescent lights and power points.

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